It has never been more important for us as believers in Jesus to be knowledgeable about Israel. Israel is God’s prophetic time clock and if we are to know the times and the seasons and what we are to do in this hour, we must have an eye on Israel.

Looking for online christian bible studies? Here's one! This study can be done on your own schedule and is designed to give you a biblical view of Israel, not a media view, so that you can be in alignment with God’s prophetic plan for Israel and the Church. You can also do the series as a group study with your friends. Email us for support while doing the study. We are here for you! 

History of Israel and Current Events
The Mystery of Israel
Replacement Theology 
The Rise of Anti-Semitism and How Can We Do Better
The Prophetic Future of Israel and the Role of the Church
How to Comfort and Stand Alongside Israel in This Hour (Reports from 2 citizens of Israel who have ministries there included)

SPEAKERS: Betsy Roy; Pastor Sue Priebe; and Rose-Marie Slosek

EACH SESSION: Includes notes, video teaching and questions at the end for personal reflection or group discussion. The full series will be emailed to you after payment so you can access the dropbox folder. 

FEE: $39

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